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Make digital content feel more human

Our mission is to make digital content feel more human, and build real connections in a virtual world

  • Add stories to make content more relatable and personal.
  • Create interactive content to boost engagement.
  • Use conversational language, instead of writing in a formal tone, in a way that sounds like a conversation is happening.
  • Show a sense of humor to connect with your audience.

content creation with training support

Client Training as Support Service

12 Baskets Creative is a digital publisher and story development studio offering creative content services to help small businesses and non-profit organizations communicate any complex ideas by using story-based strategies.

One of the main differences between 12 Baskets Creative and other content creation companies is that we provide training support to our clients after the project is completed, helping them learn to update or create their content on their own without having to rely on the help of others. This model is especially suitable for one-person companies and small businesses. In the age of widespread digital technology, everyone can easily create content and have more flexibility.

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Website Building

Easy-to-use website building tools for creating professional sites.


Creative copy-writing and professional editorial services that drive results.


English and Cantonese transcription services for audio and video projects.


Cost-effective translation services for publications and videos.


Professional editorial services for publications.


Communicate information visually

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